Missile Launchers with F#


hasKitty Chris Smith had a talk at the CodeMash conference in January 2010 titled “Being an Evil Genius with F# and .NET”.  Chris created a post about his talk and doing Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, and shooting missiles at people all with F#! 

Here is a bit of his speech recognition code using the System.Speech.dll:

let recognizerEvent = getWordRecognizer()

// Main handler - convert spoken text into RL commands
let handleWord spokenText =
    printfn "Recognized Word: %s" spokenText
    let action = 
        match spokenText with
        | "up"  // Has a hard time recognizing this :(
        | "north" -> MoveUp(20)
        | "down"  -> MoveDown(20)
        | "left"  -> MoveLeft(20)
        | "right" -> MoveRight(20)

        | "fire"  -> Fire

        | _ -> NoOp
    performAction rocketLauncher action |> ignore

// Exit handler - specifically look for exit/quit
let terminateLoop = ref false
let terminateLoopHandler = function | "exit" 
                                    | "quit" -> terminateLoop := true
                                    | _      -> ()

// Hook up event handlers

while terminateLoop.Value = false do
    System.Threading.Thread.Yield() |> ignore

Chris happily provided the source code as well, RocketLauncher_v1.0.zip

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