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    Tashtan Tashtanov

    Dear Bob Tabor,

    I'm a big Microsoft loyal fan, and Nokia, finally two of the collided into awesomeness, and I want to learn to develop, but my computer is so slow and weak that If I try to send an email It will be quicker if I snatch from the computer's hand and deliver it myself.
    My question if, what is the cheapest computer that can easily handle VB 2010 with WP8 update. I prefer it to be WIN 8 OS, but WIN 7 is better for my case because it doesn't1 not need the hyper-v thing to be installed. A website with a list of computers or components that can handle it. And I was wondering if bestbuy or newegg refurbrished computers are good to buy?

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    @Tashtan Tashtanov:You can easy pick any Core i3 First Gen Laptop up . Which is decent enough to run both VS 2010 and also capable of running Hyper-V if you need to.
     They are dirt cheap nowadays. Look one on TigerDirect or NewEggs or something like that.

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