Mom always said, "Sit up straight..." Well, here's a hardware project to help with that...

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    Lately it's been my wife and a physical therapist telling me not to slouch, but Mom would have said the same thing.  Keep me posted on extensions to this scenario.  I'll be online as long as my back and neck can stand it.

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    Cool. Jamie and Jeremy wrote a similar iPhone app a while back.

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    study confirms that the ultimate sitting posture is a 130 degree slouch

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    There are also so many video uploading sites, and these also give facility for distribution their video tutorials, but I think YouTube is the finest.

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    Jeff McEachron

    This is very cool! I'd have to completely change my "coding position," but it just might help me fix my sore back! I ran into this blog post because I'm looking for an accelerometer application to "measure" abuse of tablets or laptops. There are a lot of funny videos out there, but my favorite one is probably from MobileDemand.

    Tablet PC Used as a Hammer

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