Mono on Raspberry Pi?

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    If only you had published this yesterday!

    I do a "Fun Friday" link post, and I've been writing about Raspberry Pi lately and did a Microsoft focused post this week to balance the universe.

    This would have been the absolute perfect bridging link.

    C'est la vie. This will definitely be on the list for next Friday!

    This week does include a link to one of your posts earlier this week:

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    I can also recommend the article I wrote on this topic and which is more step by step:

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    @Laurelle:Great post. I'll include that one in my links post next week as well. I love RDP to Pi. I use mine from my Kindle. I think of it as my "poor man's Surface". RDP client for Android works great. Also works well with Win Server 2012 VM on Azure with the Win 8 style desktop activated. The various gestures work surprisingly well via RDP on the Kindle.

    I posted details about those projects here: and here

    I'm really looking forward to playing with Mono on the Pi. I've been playing with Node.js on there, but I love C#.

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    Why you don't try WEC7 which supports .net framework compact?

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