Mono, the other .Net framework

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Ok, what is Mono?  Mono is an open development initiative that is attempting to develop an open source version of Microsoft.Net.  At this this point, the API coverage is limited to .Net 1.1 with limited support for 2.0.

So why care?  If you want your application to be a bit more platform agnostic.  Linux, Windows, Unix, it is will work.

Will your application run under Mono?  Good question, Phillip Haack has an article about Mono and migrating to it.  The tool analyzes your source code and identifies issues that may prevent you from running on Mono.

Does Mono have some cool applications running in it?  Heck yeah.  O'Reilly Net gives seven examples of applications and Miguel de Icaza has even porting Paint.Net to Mono.



The Discussion

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    a Software Guy

    Hi coding4fun news publisher,

     It is really ridiculous to have this statement on this news post "someone has even porting Paint.Net to Mono" . When that SomeOne developer is Miguel de icaza, TIME predicts whom as the most innovative people of the 21st Century and Founder of Mono project.

    if you would really like to know about that "SomeOne" then follow these links

    Sorry to all, If I offended any of you as I was little upset to see a great Innovator as "someone", by the way, I don't know Miguel personally and no relationship with me. It's my personal view.

    Thanks for reading..

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