More IoT in Action in 2018


While we've highlighted the IoT in Action events a couple times, it seemed fitting that our last Coding4Fun Hardware Friday post highlights the last IoT in Action event...

Last Hardware Friday post? Yep, it's time to sunset the Coding4Fun blog and next week will be the last for the blog...

IoT in Action - San Francisco - February 13


Attendees will benefit from a combination of engaging thought leadership content, technical know-how that can be actioned, and a powerful networking approach that will leave attendees feeling informed, connected, and motivated to design, invest in, and deploy profitable, scalable IoT solutions with Microsoft and its partners.

With three successful events so far—Leipzig, Germany (Oct. 23), Boston, United States (Oct. 30), and Taipei, Taiwan (Dec. 1)—this is a must-attend event if you want to advance your reputation as an IoT pioneer.

Date: February 13, 2018
Location: San Francisco Hilton Union Square

Who should attend?

OEM/ODMs, distributors, resellers, manufacturers, SIs/ISVs, and customers will all benefit from attending this event.

What to expect:

  • Hear firsthand how Microsoft and its partners are delivering tangible results across industries. Download Partner List.

  • Explore the future with renowned Silicon Valley keynote speaker, James Whittaker.

  • Understand exactly how IoT technology can create real long-term economic value for your business.

  • Learn how to unlock the intelligent edge with Windows IoT.

  • Take a deep dive into Azure PaaS and SaaS—two Microsoft approaches to building IoT solutions.

  • Get ready to build your next POC: watch a team transform an ordinary refrigerator into a scalable smart cooling service. Follow the conversation.

  • Learn how to design and build a cloud-powered AI platform with Microsoft Azure + AI.

  • Connect with like-minded companies who are looking for new partners to design, build, and deploy their next POC solution.

  • Showcase your IoT solution in the sponsor showcase lounge (register and we’ll send you more information).

  • Network with speakers and sponsors at the Platinum Sponsor pre-event reception (register and we’ll send you your invite).

Register here

Check out the Boston event wrap up video and the IoT in Action interview videos with Microsoft IoT leaders

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