Must Have Windows Phone 7 Toolkits


Windows Phone 7 has been getting a good bit of press in last couple weeks (to say the least). Given the recent announcements, there's a good chance more people will be looking to do some WP7 dev.

Once you get the bare bones essentials from the App Hub, where do you do next? Toolkits! Must... get... toolkits!

Rudi Grobler in the Cloud delivers; Windows Phone 7 MUST HAVE Toolkits

"If you do ANY serious Windows Phone 7 development, here are a couple of toolkits you MUST HAVE:


Here's a pictorial of all the toolkits Rudi mentions (but be sure to click through to his post as he provides more details for each)

Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit snapSterling Isolated Storage DB snap

Coding4Fun Toolkit snap

WP7 Push Server Side  Help snap

WP7 Contrib snap

Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:

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