.NET Gadgeteer Core gets VS2012 support in v2.42.700

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Today's Hardware Friday is about one of our favorite hardware things, the .NET Gadgeteer and its updated Code release...

.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.42.700

The .NET Gadgeteer Core installer includes the core libraries and end user project templates for Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. This is a prerequisite for end users to build and deploy .NET Gadgeteer projects. It includes a project template wizard in the New Project dialog in Visual Studio 2012 or 2010 (or express versions) under the Gadgeteer tab - ".NET Gadgeteer Application". This template uses a graphical designer built for Visual Studio which allows end users to visually configure .NET Gadgeteer hardware builds and then write the software logic for that hardware in C# or Visual Basic.

The .NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates installer is for hardware vendors who are building modules, mainboards or kits comprising multiple modules/mainboards. This adds additional project templates for modules, mainboards and kits. Each template includes instructions on how to use it, and automatically builds an MSI installer which can be distributed to end users.

If you are a prospective module or mainboard builder you should also look at the Module Builder's Guide and Mainboard Builder's Guide, which includes the full specifications for what it means to be ".NET Gadgeteer compatible" and other helpful examples and guidelines.

Neither installer includes libraries for specific hardware modules/mainboards, so by themselves these installers do not enable users to use .NET Gadgeteer hardware. Hardware manufacturers should release installers (based on the templates above) for their hardware.

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Core
Version 2.42.700 19 April 2013

Change Log
Version 2.42.700, 19 April 2013

  • VS 2012 support (if using NETMF 4.3 SDK) added alongside VS 2010 support (using NETMF 4.2 or earlier) (When using VS 2012 you can target NETMF 4.2 or 4.1 devices too)
  • Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop support (and older 2010 Express version support maintained)
  • Application template wizard which checks for compatibility between VS, NETMF SDK and mainboard
  • Power consumption data is specifiable in GadgeteerHardware.xml schema and shown in VS designer


  • Socket type D and H compatibility check fixed
  • Managed software I2C (used by DaisyLink) uses repeated start condition when appropriate
  • Added StorageDevice.DeleteDirectory method and fixed StorageDevice.Delete to delete files
  • Text templates no longer used by designer, avoiding permissions warning
  • License updated to clarify that VS extensions are binary-only

**** ALPHA SUPPORT *****
This release also includes alpha support for the following. This is for evaluation purposes only, and features may change.

  • NETMF 4.3, with feature changes:
  • AnalogOutput uses NETMF native support


And remember, the source for all of this, and even some 3D models, are available;


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