Need help cleaning up your code? CodeMaid to the rescue!


We're continuing with our Visual Studio Extension Monday series today, with an extension that I came across this week.

Today's extension is by Steve Cadwallader and even though it's only officially v0.7.0, it's still very complete and feature rich. And of course, the source for it is available too!

Looking for a little help understanding your code?

Looking for a little help formatting or reorganizing your code?

Looking for a little help cleaning up your code?

Then you might be looking for..



An open source visual studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.


Code Cleaning
Cleanup random white space into a simple standard order. Add unspecified access modifiers. Utilize Visual Studio’s built-in formatting capabilities. Remove and sort using statements. And do it all automatically on save or on demand, from an individual file to the entire solution.

Code Digging
Visualize and navigate through the contents of your C# and C++ files from a tree view hierarchy. Quickly switch between different sorting methods to get a better overview. Drag and drop to reorganize the code. See McCabe complexity scores and informative tooltips.

Reorganize the layout of members in a C# file to follow Microsoft’s StyleCop convention, or your own preferences.

Recursively collapse nodes or the entire tree in the solution explorer window.

Enable, modify or disable many of the aspects of how CodeMaid does its work.

Format comments to wrap at a specified column and arrange XML major and minor tags on separate lines.

View the overall progress of a build within Visual Studio, or in the Windows taskbar, both with a green/red status indication.

Switch between related files, such as cpp and header files or xaml and code-


Join two adjacent lines, or a highlighted section of code onto a single line.

Find the current file in the solution explorer window.

and More!
Toggle read-only state, close read-only files, etc.

You can download it via the Visual Studio Gallery, CodeMaid or even easier, via the Tools and Extensions right in Visual Studio (that's how I installed it... :)


Or you can go right to the source...


Here's a snap of the VS2013 branch, which compiled for me with no problems (remember, you'll need the Visual Studio SDK since this is an Extension...)


Dig into the code, or just use this cool extension, the power is in your hands... :)

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