Need more space? Add virtual desktops!

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Vista_Virtual_Desktop_Manager-778325[1] Having multiple monitors makes life easier in my opinion but even with my current work setup, I need more space.  Visual Studio, Word, Outlook (and countless emails), Live Writer, browser windows, ...all take up space.  Today I found on CodingProject a C++ application that shows how to create virtual desktops.  On CodePlex, there is a Virtual Desktop Manger too.

If there are any takers for creating their own .Net version, Abhinaba Basu has a post that helps show where to look in the Windows API model to help create virtual desktops this along with informing about a site that makes invoking system calls a lot easier. gives you the c# code to execute these functions!  Here is the link for CreateDesktop in the user32.dll.  Add in some WPF for some eye candy and you could do some really neat stuff! 



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    Jon Sharp

    I think that someone has created it.

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    Tales from the SharpSide

    Links from the Sharpside [10.29.07]

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    Not to mention that when working outside an office or away from home with your laptop you can simulate multiple screens. At least to some extent.

    I do really enjoy that solution, but something that bugs me is that on my computer the previews in the desktop not being the current one isn't rendered, and I can't find much information about this problem at VDM's Codeplex-site.

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    There's been stuff like this available for quite a while, and it's gotten pretty advanced in Linux, like giving you fancy effects like putting those desktops on different sides of a rotating cube.

    Check out this youtube video for a demonstration

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