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Netduino – Open source hardware

image There is a new .NET Micro Framework board that is 100% open source now.  The netduino from Secret Labs can leverage the arduino shields!  Their projects page, http://www.netduino.com/projects/, has a few projects like how to get a blinking LED to work and read data from a color sensor to determine was color is in front of it.

Netduino combines 20 GPIOs with SPI, I2C, 2 UARTs (1 RTS/CTS), 4 PWM and 6 ADC channels.  Best of all with NETMF 4.1, you can use Visual Studio 2010!


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  • urzaurza

    Does it mean, I can use LINQ and everything?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Andy checking with Secret Labs if they have a distro in Germany.  They literally just launched today

    I know there is www.tinyclr.com and the Fez Dominos and since the netdrunios are open source, you can make your own board ...

  • AndyAndy

    I literally jumped up and down when I saw that it's available via Amazon. But during the checkout Amazon told me that it cannot be shipped to Germany. And MakerShed wants $20 for shipping and the German government claims another 19% taxes from this resulting $50 which I just don't want to pay Sad Shipping and taxes would be almost as much as the board itself.

    Are there any plans to distribute this board in Europe?

    But anyway: Releasing the full source for porting the .NET Micro Framework is just great. Now I can cook up my own homebrew ARM7 boards and equip it with the Micro Framework with just a bit of porting instead of the whole Framework, which is what I would have done anyway Wink

    Thanks for that!

    Keep hacking!

  • Henrik PedersenHenrik Pedersen

    I really think this is kinda cool! But it's still a little pricy for my needs. Sure it's strong and everything but even an Arduino tends to be an overkill in most of my projects. Gosh 16MHz to control the lighting !

    But most of the processing with my Arduinos are done on the computerside in .NET so this could maybe replace them at some point if I need more power, or just wanna have it more easely integrated.

    I don't know so much about the .NET microframework. So I'm asking like the newb I am at this part of .NET, would it be possible to fx. make some functions like storing a small textfile on the device itself and validate usernames and passwords in it againts a UART RFID reader?

    And is there gonna be a RJ-45 connection at some point? My applications would SURE benefit if it's getting possible to communicate over standard TCP sockets in .NET

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @urza that is a good question, let me find out.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @urza As Chris pointed out, there is no LINQ support.  NETMF is designed to run on systems with almost no memory so certain items have been removed.  

    Other items such as power management and hardware access were added and are not part of the full .NET stack.

  • Chris Walker (Secret Labs)Chris Walker (Secret Labs)


    As far as LINQ goes...  .NET Micro Framework doesn't support Generics, but it support many of the other new .NET Framework features (extension methods, etc.).

    That said, some enterpising friends of LINQ have been playing with a custom implementation...



    Secret Labs LLC

  • Chris Walker (Secret Labs)Chris Walker (Secret Labs)


    Hi, I'm from the Netduino team at Secret Labs.  I saw your post and thought I might be able to answer your questions really quickly...

    While we don't recommend storing data on the Netduino itself, we do have a SPI connection which allows you to plug directly into an SD card reader.  We've baked the .NET Micro Framework FAT16/FAT32 support into Netduino and will be exposing this functionality in updated firmware (v4.1.1 beta) later this month.

    As far as networking goes, we're working on it.  The .NET Micro Framework team built lwIP into the newest releases, and there are some Arduino-compatible Ethernet shields out there.  We're evaluating a number of networking options to make your types of projects a simple reality.

    The Netduino has 2 UARTs, so your UART RFID reader application should work nicely.

    Thanks for your interest in Netduino (and for sharing on Coding4Fun!)


    Secret Labs LLC

  • SunkaSunka

    For my co-european friends, i found netduino on this uk site www.coolcomponents.co.uk. So no problem with import taxes.

  • JeroenvwJeroenvw

    @Sunka: Thanks for the link! Greetz from Holland Smiley

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