Netduino, LCD, Bluetooth and some Lumia (and a snake... game)

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Today's Hardware Friday project is from friend of the blog, Matt Cavanagh (who is a newly minted Nokia Developer Champion), who provides us a project that's very much a mix of old and new school...

Old school ft. New school: Snake with a Lumia 920 controlling a 5110 LCD using a Netduino

This project definitely gave me a good helping of nostalgia, and I had more fun than any other project I’ve done.

The Objective was to remake the original snake game from 1997 that came with the monochrome Nokias, and display it on a Nokia 5110 LCD connected to a Netduino. Then have a Lumia 920 connected over Bluetooth as the controller.

A while back when looking around for display solutions for various projects I stumbled onto the 5110 LCD. I’m not sure *why* exactly they are so popular, but it turns out that you can find them easily online and they are dirt cheap! I bought a couple from DX recently and they work exactly how I expected, and are perfect for a lot of things. At the price, I highly doubt that the DX ones are real, but at less than $5 who’s going to complain?


What you need:

  • Netduino (I recommend a Netduino 2)
  • Bluetooth module
  • A Windows Phone 8 (should be a Nokia for authenticity sakes)


A Netduino community member, Omar, wrote an awesome library for using this particular LCD, which you can grab here:

On that wiki the labels for wiring were in a different order and had slightly different names to my LCD, so if you have one from DX follow my wiring below, or use the wiki instructions.



Windows Phone:

The Windows Phone side is really simple, and is mainly just stuff to make it “pretty”.


Pretty simple huh? A bunch of code wasn’t mentioned here, so make sure you download the source below:

Download the Netduino + WP8 Source Code (~1.6MB) [GD: Click through for the download link... don't want to leach his traffic...]


Looks like a fun project to play with over the weekend, doesn't it?

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