No Netduino hardware? Go Virtual. The VirtualBreadboard has (some) Netduino support

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Not having the Netduino hardware myself, I used to feel a little left out (of course I could just buy one, they are not expense, but that's besides the point Wink. What I kept looking for was some kind of emulator, some virtual means to play with Netduino and breadboarding projects...

VirtualBreadboard Emulator Support for Virtual Netduino

Hi All,
The Arduino emulator YouTube Demo Here has been pretty popular in VirtualBreadboard so I figured Netduino might be interesting also. I will make a YouTube video for the Netduino examples also once I have a few more.

Here is a tutorial - sorry for the terrible documentation but this is a something is better than nothing sort of thing.

VBB is free evaluation and you can download from the website but support via subscribing means Netduino peripherals will get done and more examples drivers etc.



Oh come on... You know your eyes lit up when you saw the above snap... admit it... Smiley

So how hard is this to get running on your system? There's simple, yet good enough instructions in PDF tutorial. (Note: I am fighting getting this to work on my x64 system. If you're on x86, this should work pretty easily for you)



Only the Digital IO are presently supported, no Analog or Peripherals as you see in the Arduino but that will come if there is interest.

VBB v4.3.7 or greater
Subscription required for the shown example with the 74595 but the others work fine with the evaluation version

If you're playing with Netduino and breading boarding stuff yourself, this might be one way to let you play with your designs and help avoid the magical blue puff's of smoke... Wink


Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:

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    The subscription is $9.95 per month or $59.95 per year (50% discount). Sooo, it is still cheaper to buy real Netduino board for $35 and use it until it breaks Smiley. At least for now, while VBB doesn't have support for other extensions, shields, periferals and etc...


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    Update: Looks like the Virtual Bread Board team has changed their approach and have pulled the PDF. Sorry for the confusion...

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