No need for sunscreen, you want this SunBurn! SunBurn v2 RTM's, including the free SunBurn Framework Edition

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We've mentioned the SunBurn engine before, Welcome to the IGF, Indiefreaks Game Framework. Now that the free SunBurn Framework Edition v2 is now available, it seems like a good time to revisit it...

SunBurn 2.0 goes Gold! And FREE Framework Edition Ships!

Hot off the press, SunBurn 2.0 is now fully release, see what the Synapse Gaming guys have to say about it!

We are very excited to announce the official gold release of SunBurn Game Engine 2.0!

During SunBurn’s early adopter phase we’ve added tons of new features including physics/collision, 3D audio, component system, character controller, transparencies, plugin system, advanced light mapping, and much, much more.

Now that SunBurn 2.0 is feature-complete and proven solid, we are pleased to announce the gold release!

The FREE Framework Edition is Back!

The official SunBurn 2.0 release includes the fully updated and still free SunBurn Framework edition, which contains many of SunBurn Game Engine’s latest features:

• Dynamic lighting and shadows
• Physics / collision
• 3D Audio
• Component system
• Character controller
• Plugin system
• Full support for the sgMotion animation library
• Access to the Dojo, WinForm, and Custom Physics examples

SunBurn Framework

SunBurn Framework

SunBurn Framework opens up SunBurn’s base lighting, rendering, and physics to hobbyists, students, and educators alike. Use the SunBurn Framework to enhance your XNA Game Studio projects, learn the ins and outs of game rendering, or just to have some fun!

Providing the same base features and API as the SunBurn Game Engine, the framework makes an excellent evaluation tool. See how easy it can be to achieve stunning results with SunBurn's simple, easy to use design.


Ready to get Started?

Getting started is easy, just login with your Synapse Gaming community account, download the SunBurn Framework, install - and you’re ready to go!

SunBurn Framework includes a Visual Studio starter kit and access to the SunBurn Dojo, Custom Physics, WinForms Content Loading examples, and more!

Once you register, the Framework download and installed is pretty quick and painless (though make sure you the XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh installed too)

Once installed, you new SunBurn Project template;




Want to see some code/samples? They also provide some sample projects that work just fine with the free SunBurn Framework edition on the SunBurn Downloads page. Just look for the samples where the Framework edition is listed.


Here's the Dojo example running on my system;




If you've been thinking about using SunBurn and are looking for an inexpensive way to check it out, the Framework edition is just for you. Quick, easy and hard to beat free...


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