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    With how popular powershell is I am suprized that Microsoft has not built cmdlets that allow you to automate VisualStudio

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    Michael Mueller

    Have you thought of adding to Chocolatey for easy install?

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    meyar aeini

    Greetings Greg,
    I'm using NuPattern. Currently I did just update to NuPattern to developing my tools in visual studio 2012.
    In version when I did assigning a template to 'NuPattern.Library.Commands.GenerateProductCodeCommand' then I did just see this error:

    NuPattern.Library.Design.TextTemplateUriEditor Error: 0 : Failed to edit file.
    System.ArgumentException: The solution element 'PatternToolkit3' must be contained in a project containing a VSIX manifest file marked with the 'IsToolkitManifest' MSBuild metadata.
    at NuPattern.VisualStudio.Solution.SolutionExtensions.GetToolkitManifest(IProject project)
    at NuPattern.VisualStudio.Solution.SolutionExtensions.GetToolkitManifest(IItemContainer element)
    at NuPattern.Library.Design.TextTemplateUriEditor.BuildUri(IItemContainer selectedItem)
    at NuPattern.Library.Design.TextTemplateUriEditor.<>c__DisplayClass4.<EditValue>b__3()
    at NuPattern.VisualStudio.TraceSourceExtensions.DoShield(ITracer traceSource, Action action, String format, Boolean showUI, String[] args)

    can you help me to debug this error?

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    @meyar aeini:The best bet to getting your answer is to contact the project directly. Click through to the project and post this on the Discussions,, and they will hopefully be able to help you.

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