Oh My, it's Myo!


How have I not seen more excitement, posts and hardware dev's around the Myo?

What? You've never heard of it either?

Gesture Control Has Arrived

The Myo armband is a wearable gesture control and motion control device that lets you take control of your phone, computer, and so much more, touch-free.




And best of all there's an SDK too!

Myo Developer

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Bruno Capuano (@elbruno) has been blogging up a Myo storm, taking us from getting started through MyoSharp and using the Myo in our favorite IDE...

  1. Getting started, #Windows10 configuration
  2. Starting as a developer with some C++ basic code
  3. MyoSharp a C# SDK implementation for the Myo armband
  4. Working with the Orientation and Gyroscope in C# and a 3D Cube
  5. Working with the #Emg data in C# (electromyography sensors)
  6. #Myo – #Windows 10, #UWP Apps, #Myo and Visual Studio 2015

#MYO – Getting started, #Windows10 configuration

I’ve got a new Myo device yesterday, so it’s time to start a series of posts about some C# development with the device. So far the experience is cool, in 2 minutes I’ve got my device connected and after a 5 minutes tutorial I’m already controlling Spotify and other programs with a couple of simple gestures.


I’ve started with the Spotify Connector and so far, so good !

Finally there is also a nice page to check online all the features of your local Myo armband: http://diagnostics.myo.com/


... [Click here to see it all]

#Myo – #MyoSharp a C# SDK implementation for the Myo armband

It’s C# time! Myo SDK is good one, but let’s be honest C++ is kind of complicated for quick starts; and C# is a much easiest way to do this. After a quick search I’ve found a couple of .Net SDK implementation and MyoSharp deserves a review.

Note: Myo also support a simple script support which is great to perform some basic actions. I’ll write something about this later.

MyoSharp is a .Net 2.0 framework class library, so it’s very easy to include this in our apps. The main page in GitHub has a very nice introduction to the project, so I’ll go directly to a C# Console App.

I’ve downloaded and build the complete source code of MyoSharp for this sample. Then I’ve created a Console App and add this project to the main solution.

Once we have created the project, we need to add a reference to the MyoSharp.dll and copy the platform specific myo*.dll into the same directory as your application. For this sample I’ll work in x86 target.


And that’s it, we can now launch the app and see how it display our poses in the console app.


... [Click through to read the whole thing]

#Myo – Working with the #Emg data in C# (electromyography sensors)

I’m going to write a small sample on the EMG information we can get of the Myo armband. EMG stands for electromyography (EMG) sensors. The Myo armband have 8 electrical sensors, this sensors measure electrical signals traveling across the user’s arm, which the Myo armband translates into poses and gestures. In the next image you can see a live representation of this EMG data in a chart and how it changes based on an arm movements.


... [Click through to read the post]

#Myo – #Windows 10, #UWP Apps, #Myo and Visual Studio 2015

Today I’ll write on how to interact with the Myo armband with a Universal Windows Platform App. Based on the previous posts contents, on this one I will create an example and I’ll show you the basic options of connection, capturing poses, and more in a UWP App.


So, at this point, we have to find a SDK for Myo which support UWP. MyoSharp, the one I used before in my posts, is not is designed for Universal Apps. Lucky for us, our MVP MVP Sebastiano Galazzo (@galazzoseba), has created and published on NuGet a package for Myo which we can use in UWP.


Once we have added the package, we need to initialize the device. In this case, I do this in the constructor of a view and also subscribe me to the fist pose detection event. When it detects the pose of a fist, a vibration notification is sent to the cuff and displays a message in the Visual Studio Output pane. ...

... [Click to read the post]

Interested yet? If you Myo too let us know!

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