Ooooo Presents! Can I open them now?

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Wondering what you can get your favorite coder?  Have no idea what to ask for?  Check out the guide, there are a bunch of ideas in there that may interest you. 

The Holiday Gift Guide for Coding4Fun 2006 Edition is now up so look no farther!  The holiday guide is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Programmable Hardware and Gadgets
  • Programmable Robots
  • Programmable Games
  • Cool Software Tools
  • Top 10 Presents for Developers

If anyone was wondering what to get me, the Optimus mini three keyboard, some 22+ inch widescreen monitors, a Make controller, a PC-Bot, Cellphone Kit, the GPS logger, some Home Automation gear, Network Webcam, a Roomba, a new Media Center PC, and some a bit of world peace to mix things up and add some color to the picture. 



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