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Today's extensions are pretty unique, are a growing collection, and do something that seems simple, but can save you a good bit of time, over time.

Greg Trevellick has been knocking out these Visual Studio Extensions, Extensions that will put some of your favorite tools just a couple clicks away. Check out all these "Open In" Extensions!


Let's look at one of them...

Open in Paint.NET

Open multiple files simultaneously in paint.net directly from Visual Studio's Code Editor window and / or Solution Explorer.


And best of all, all of the "Launcher" extensions are open source!


A repository containing code for use in a series of Visual Studio extensions that allow multiple files to be opened simultaneously in third party applications directly from within the Visual Studio IDE code editor window and / or Solution Explorer.

The Visual Studio extensions are officially available at the Visual Studio Marketplace.


If you like any of these free extensions, please give them a review.

Contributions to this project are welcome by raising an Issue or submitting a Pull Request.

Bugs can be logged here.


... [Click through for the repo]

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