OpenRA = C# Red Alert/Command and Conquer Clone


I'm a big fan of open clones of some of my old time favorite games like OpenTTD (I don't know how many hours I "invested" in Transportation Tycoon and FreeCiv. Yet while they're open source, they really didn't fit to well here (where I try to focus more on managed language based projects).

Then I caught wind of another open clone project, but this one using C#...


OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy game engine supporting early Westwood games like Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.


A few snaps of the game running;



I said the C# source was available?

OpenRA - Get Involved



So let's see this game in Visual Studio...


Here's a snip of the OpenRA.Game Project (to give you a feel for the amount of code we're talking about)


The CNC and RA Mod's are just about as big...

And a quick snip of the game.cs


If you've always wanted to see a complete/major game in C#, to help out on such a project or just review 1.9 bazillion lines of game code, OpenRA is standing by.

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