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Xbox LIVE Community Games

Ever wonder how you can get your game published?  Didn't make the Dream, Build, Play finalists last year (It is starting up again for this year!) but still want your friends to play it? 

Don't worry, the XNA and Xbox Live teams now have Community Games.  The games made by the community for the community will be published for everyone to play!  The games are peer-reviewed before they are published however.  This is done to help keep out malfunctioning games or possible offensive material.

You don't need an XNA Creators club subscription to play the games also.  You only need that to it to create games for your xbox.

One big thing is this is just a trial right now and will end on March 9th.  I know this will be painful but the full blown version of Xbox LIVE Community Games will be released the holiday 2008 season.  But while you're waiting, you can create a Dream, Build, Play v2 and produce a rocking indie game.

If you have additional questions, check out the XNA Forum for additional FAQs.


Zune video games

And now with XNA 3.0 (Beta will be in Spring), you can create and play games on your Zune!

The games will work on both generations of the Zune and you have support for multiplayer too!

Best of all, no need for an XNA Creators Club to develop for the Zune!  (But if you are a student, you can use DreamSpark to get a XNA Creators Club membership for free)

To find out more regarding creating games for the Zune, check out the forums on the XNA website.  In addition, Engadget has a ton of information regarding games on the Zune.



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    At one stroke Microsoft have removed all the barriers to game development and more importantly to game publishing. We will have a flowering of innovation and creativity beyond anything the game industry has ever seen before. Probably beyond what any creative industry has ever seen before. The last explosion in gaming creativity was the bedroom Sinclair Spectrum coders in the 1980s (we have been going downhill creatively ever since), this will be thousands of times bigger. The possibilities are infinite.

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    Noticias externas

    Thomas Stockwell created one of my favorite games, Tetris, in Visual Basic with a multiplayer aspect

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