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Today's Web Wednesday project is pretty awesome and while there appears to be source available for it, it was outside of my skillset to really grok it. But I though this awesome enough to share anyway.

Are you a MicroProse Transport Tycoon Deluxe fan? You remember last year's post about an "open" version of it, OpenTTD (Yes, that TTD, you know the game I talking about...)?

What if I was to tell you that today I found a JavaScript "port" of it, that appears to run the entire game in your browser!


PlayTTD: The browser game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe

It's 1950. You're presented with a vast game world made up of numerous small towns and raw material resources. You've got $200,000 and you've got to prove yourself; to set the wheels in motion to become The Transport Tycoon.

Matched against a batch of ruthless rivals, you'll have to act quickly; to build the key routes that will rake in the cash. Build stations, airports, docks and a linking a road, rail, air and ship network. Then, move passengers, mail or goods to the most lucrative destination. As the years roll by you'll be able to buy more advanced and faster vehicles and vessels; if you can afford them!

  • Build stations, docks, airports and make money by connecting areas requiring transport services
  • Construct complex road - rail - air - sea networks using a simple to use interface
  • ...

I mentioned source?

caiiiycuk / play-ttd


Code base of


Here's some snaps of it running in IE10 (Desktop). Yes, this appears to be 100% HTML/CSS/JavaScript.





It even runs in the Windows 8 Standard IE10


And it runs on the Surface RT IE10. (So you can touch TTD! It's kind of slow, but does work! Smiley

Now how awesome is that!

Want more? Check out his browser enabled OpenDune "port" too!

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