Playing with Bacteria, virtually,with the BacteriaSimulation project


I came across this project today and while there's no write-up, no doc's, just working code (and do we really need anything more than that? Wink I thought it really pretty cool. Kind of like a modern Game of Life.

I also found it neat that not only was there a WPF desktop UI, but Windows Phone 8 too.


A simulation environment for software bacteria

Here's a snap of it running on my system.



Pretty much you add the greens and they get eaten by the reds. But the reds have a short life span, so need to be able to feed often. The reds will also "hunt" the greens and if they get enough to eat will have baby reds. The greens will also "run" from the reds.

And you can tweak some of the settings for both...

And while the science behind it we miles over my head, this was actually kind of fun to play with. in short, I spent entirely too much time playing with it and not writing this post. LOL

Here's a snap of the Solution;


While this might not be something you'll use in your next LOB app (though I wonder... um...) this is an interesting project and just kind of fun...

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