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Did you know there's a huge archive of Jeopardy clues and answers, from the very first pilot to the current season and show? Over 300k clues and answers, it's all available at J! Archive! How crazy is that?

And did you know there's a REST based Web Service using some of that data? Yeah, a free web service that you can use today, jService.

Years ago when we highlighted a fun Visual Studio Extension from Phil Haack that "encouraged" you as you coded, "Encourage" Visual Studio Extension.

Now what if a Visual Studio Extension Coding Machine, aka Greg Trevellick ("Open In.." About Everything...), took all the above, merged it together?


A trivial [GD: Pun intended?] extension that poses a Jeopardy question when opening a solution file.

  • Simple escapism from the day to day pressures of software development.

  • If you like this free extension, please give it a review.

  • Questions and answers gratefully supplied by free of charge by jService.

  • Inspired by Phil Haack's Encourage extension.

  • Example question



  • Frequency of pop-up message delivery configurable

  • Upper limit of pop-up messages per day configurable, with different values for midweek and weekends

  • Configurable timeout (in milliseconds) for third party data retrieval process

[Click through to download it]

And being the guy he is, it's all open source too! GregTrevellick/TrivialApisForIDE

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