Raspberry Pi 2 + .NET Gadgeteer + Windows 10 = FEZ Cream


Blake McNeill gets the Hat Tip today for posting about this in the MVP IoT Yammer Group.

GHI Electronics has been a bunch of busy beavers releasing a ton of very cool components. Recently we highlighted, Tipping your Raspberry Pi FEZ HAT and today we're highlighting another, one that will make you .NET Gadgeteer makers happy campers...

Windows 10 with Gadgeteer

Today, we are bridging the gap between Windows 10 and .NET Gadgeteer. With the all new FEZ Cream, many of the .NET Gadgeteer modules can be plugged right onto a Raspberry Pi 2 with no soldering and no enclosure restrictions. Thanks to the cables, modules can be mounted anywhere inside an enclosure or a 3D printed design.

As for the software it is just as easy. We are combining the FEZ Cream with our Gadgeteering core and drivers for many of the available modules. Just include the driver for a module, plug it in, and you are ready to use.

The software is separate from the .NET Gadgeteer core for now. We are working with Microsoft on the next version of .NET Gadgeteer core software. Something leaner for smaller devices, yet fully featured for Windows 10 devices. We want to see full integration with Visual Studio, just like how it is for today's NETMF devices.

So grab a FEZ Cream HAT today and do not forget about grabbing a few .NET Gadgeteer modules...build an amazing Internet of Things (IoT) project that talks to Azure and share it with the community. This is how we can convince Microsoft to work harder on .NET Gadgeteer!

FEZ Cream

The FEZ Cream allows for a Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to connect all kinds of sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi using .NET Gadgeteer style sockets. The FEZ Cream is compatible with the RPi 2 Model B. An entire C# driver is provided for immediate use with Windows 10, and can be easily ported to Linux.

Everything you need can be found in the FEZ Cream Developers' Guide.

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