Ready. Set. Launch! VS 2013 Launch Example Projects Now Available


Did you catch the Visual Studio 2013 Launch? (If you missed, it you can see it here, Visual Studio 2013 Launch). Did you see all the cool projects used in the demos? The facial recognition, Visitors, Staff, Travel apps? Wish you could get the source for those projects? Wish no more...

MyCompany demo applications [Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Launch event demos]

At the Visual Studio 2013 Launch Event (Nov. 13th 2013), Microsoft used a set of demo applications to explain the new features in .NET 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013.

"MyCompany demo applications" is a simplified enterprise application suite, single tenant, SaaS solution deployed on Windows Azure and O365, and composed by several autonomous custom business applications.

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Apps Download landing pages:

1. Visitors application

2. Expenses application

3. Staff application

4. Travel application

5. Vacation application

6. Face recognition app


Each of these business applications follow these approaches and facts:

Each business application may have several client-apps (Web, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8, and Desktop) depending on the scenarios targeting different type of users.

Each business application is autonomous and loosely-coupled from the other applications with clear established boundaries surrounding each application context, from a development lifecycle point of view and from a production execution point of view.

Each business application owns its own entity-model, database and code/libraries. This is trying to simulate real development lifecycles of large enterprise applications composed by different autonomous sub-systems. But, at the same time, each application is a small application that can be treated autonomously and easier than when working with monolithic and large applications.

Even when these applications are autonomous, they are conveniently correlated in the following points:

- Single sign-on between all the suite applications, so a user does not have to have different credentials for each application (Based on corporate credentials from a Windows Azure Active Directory tenant and/or Office 365)

- Asynchronously communication between all applications, propagating just the minimum required common data/entities, like employee data, etc. This is based on asynchronous events, an event-bus and a publish-subscription approach (internally based on Windows Azure Service Bus).








Detailed setup and description

Download the detailed description and setup documents:

The following are the basic requirements

MyCompany business applications requirements:

•    Windows 8.1 RTM (Recommended: Professional SKU or higher) 
•    Visual Studio 2013 RTM (Recommended: Ultimate or Premium SKU)
•    Windows Azure SDK 2.2 or higher (When deploying to Windows Azure)
•    Windows Azure subscription (When deploying to Windows Azure)
•    Office 365 online account and developer site (Only the SharePoint/Office apps)

FaceRecognition app requirements:

•    Windows 8.1 RTM (Recommended: Professional SKU or higher) 
•    Visual Studio 2013 RTM (Recommended: Ultimate or Premium SKU)
•    SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1

What these demo applications are NOT about

These applications are not production systems and are not intended as a guidance for mission-critical applications, as it mostly covers CRUD and Data-Driven scenarios, only. If you need guidance for complex scenarios, we recommend to check guidance material from the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group like the ‘CQRS Journey guidance’, which shows a reference application with a related functional domain & scope (Events/Conferences platform) but from a different point of view based on design-patterns and best architectural practices for complex scenarios, covering approaches like CQRS (Command & Query Responsibility Segregation) & DDD (Domain Driven Design).

As you saw above, each app has its own page. For example;

MyCompany FACE RECOGNITION Wow demo app


• Face Scanner is composed by a Windows 8.1 and WCF Service Application which allows to scan the face of a user through a web camera of the device, and granting or denying access according of a stored user database.

• The Windows 8 application is an application that simulates a futuristic face scanner, which scans the user face through the web cam, and trying to obtain access while showing a 3D cool scan process. If the user is stored on the system, can access to a granted page. If not, can add himself to the system, training the scanner. 

• The WCF Service Application encapsulates all the face recognition logic (face detection and isolation, user verification) and the users information into a SQL Compact database. Entity model was created by using Entity Framework.



  • Wow and compelling demo as a Windows 8.1 Store app
  • Demo support to XAML/C# Store application with Direct3D integration in C++.
  • Camera capture and server communication.
  • Face recognition using OpenCV library (Open Source lib).


With this and the other projects, you should be able to keep yourself busy...

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