Remarkable Comments with Remarker


Comments? Who needs comments!? Commenting code is for...

... Well, me! I use code comments to help remind me what I was thinking at the time I wrote the code, the decisions that seemed to make sense at the time. And anyone who's maintained a multi-year code base knows what I mean. :)

Today's project from Gil Yoder gives your code comments some great additional style, usefulness and is just cool...


Remarker is a Visual Studio extension designed to enhance code documentation by enabling resized comment lines, and using color and bold emphasis for highlighting tasks. Remarker enhances comments in C# and Visual Basic files, as well as html, xaml, and other markup files.

Remarker for Visual Studio 2017

Spice up your code using this free Visual Studio extension. Remarker gives you the ability to add a little snaz to your comments such as you see in the example.


It works on XAML and other XML pages including HTML. It even supports Visual Basic out of the box.

One nice feature is that the symbols used to mark a comment for visual modification don't necessarily have to immediately follow a comment delimiter like other extensions require. This is nice when code formatters automatically add white space after the delimiters leaving you with unworking modifiers.

...[Click through to download it]

And of course it's open source!

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