Remember the cool HP Sprout? There's now Emulator available!


Okay, so this isn't a Visual Studio Extension, but I figure cool SDK's are a good Monday fit too...


The HP Sprout made a big splash when it was announced, but since it's been a little quite. I personally wasn't following much about it because I didn't have a Sprout and you needed one to develop for it.

That is until just recently.

Sprout Developer Center - Introducing the Emulator and JavaScript

Dear Developers,

We are happy to share with you some good news! Since the launch of our developer platform and SDK, we have been receiving a lot of good suggestions and feedback. There is a long list of things we want to get to you and we are working hard to provide them. Getting more developers interested in our vision is very important to us. Today, we have two new products to help developers create applications for Sprout

  1. Emulator – To enable more developers to get the Sprout experience, we have made available an emulator that can give the Sprout experience on a non-Sprout hardware environment. All you need is a regular PC or notebook and an extra monitor to use the emulator and test your application. The emulator allows applications to be installed and appear in our application gallery where they can be launched. In addition, the emulator can emulate the special hardware buttons on the Touch Mat to give the full Sprout experience. The emulator is a great way to start development for Sprout.
  2. JavaScript Framework – JavaScript and HTML5 are great technologies to create connected applications. We’ve had many requests to make these web technologies available to develop for Sprout and we feel the same way! We have been using an open source JavaScript framework (nw.js), and would recommend our developers to also use this framework as we have done our integrations with the Sprout SDK. We are offering a set of very simple but powerful APIs for developers to take advantage of the unique hardware capabilities of Sprout.

Visit the Download page to start exploring these new tools.


Woot! So now non-Sprout-ers can check out building Sprout apps.

How do you get started?

Sprout Developer Center


Getting Started


You need either a Sprout immersive computer or one of the following dual-display, developer systems:

  • Two monitors and a PC. The PC does not have a display.
  • A laptop and one monitor.

In both cases, one or both of the displays can be touch displays, but this is not required. Similarity of the experience to use of a Sprout immersive computer is closest with touch displays.

For information about setting up the hardware for a dual-display, developer system, see the Sprout Developer Guide.


On a dual-display, developer system, you must install the following software:

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Update. Windows 7 is not supported. Only a 64-bit operating system is supported for development and for production code.

Development tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 3. Supported editions are Ultimate with MSDN, Premium with MSDN, Professional with MSDN, and Professional. Integrated development environments other than Visual Studio are not supported for development of WPF apps.
  • To be able to compile the C++ sample app that is installed with the Sprout SDK, install Qt 5.3.2.
  • To use Visual Studio to compile the C++ sample app, also install the Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.3 for Qt5

On a Sprout immersive computer, the required operating system and device drivers are preinstalled. You must install the software-development tools listed above.

Design. Code. Have Fun.

Sprout by HP is a new way to work, learn, share, and play. Using the Sprout SDK, you can develop apps that use Sprout's features and that place the user in the midst of Sprout's immersive experience for capturing objects, creating, sharing, and collaborating.

Get started here to download the Sprout Platform and Sprout SDK

Generic Episode ImageDownload

Run Your First App

Read Our Docs

The installer places a shortcut to the Sprout SDK Docs on your PC Desktop.

The documentation files are located here:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Sprout\SDK\Documentation\

Explore Sample Apps

The Sprout SDK provides sample apps to help you get up to speed quickly in your development efforts. You can run the C++ and WPF sample apps in this folder:

  • Binary: C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Sprout\SDK\Samples
  • Source: C:\ProgramData\Hewlett-Packard\Sprout\SDK\Sample Programs

The following sample apps are installed with the Sprout SDK:

  • CppQtSample, a C++ sample app that was written using Qt. The sample demonstrates use of the Sprout SDK APIs in the native C++ binding.
  • WpfCsSample, a WPF sample app that was written in C#. The sample demonstrates use of the Sprout SDK APIs in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) binding for apps written in Common Language Runtime (CLR) languages such as C#.

Publish Your App

View the Publish page to see the steps for having your app published in the Sprout Marketplace.

There are step-by-step guides;

Step-by-Step Overview

Sprout by HP creates a revolutionary space that begs for creative play. The projected workspace surface allows natural and easily accessible actions. From sketching with your finger to capturing images instantly, there is no limit to what’s possible.

Sprout by HP captures moments in time with its multiple cameras, which capture images and their metadata.

For example, you can create code to capture moments of life, display pictures and outlines:


Let’s examine the code behind this powerful functionality:


Notice how the HP.PC.Presentation namespace and the .NET System.Windows.Controls namespace both work together seamlessly in the same managed C# application to provide you with convenient access to Windows GUI features. They combine to provide you access to the panels, buttons, radio buttons, slider, images, and strokes you see above, and the class declaration extends the UserControl and ICodeSampleControl interfaces available in the HP.PC.Presentation namespace:




... and finally the doc's...


Developer documentation for the Sprout SDK

View the API Reference for the C# WPF Binding

View the API Reference for the C++ Binding

Generic Episode ImageDownload the Sprout Developer Guide

After you finish creating your app

Generic Episode ImageDownload the Application Installer Guide

Generic Episode ImageDownload App Content Criteria

If you saw the Sprout and wished you could code up some great apps for it, or just dev-geek interested in it, the latest SDK and emulator is just what you need... :)

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