Rewards for Learning and Development? DVLUP!


What if I were to tell you there was a Microsoft program that not only helped you learn to develop, that encouraged you to learn, provided achievements and learning challenges but also provided rewards, real world awards to buy real world things?


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DVLUP helps developers succeed

Have fun. Earn rewards. Build new ideas.

DVLUP helps developers hone your skills, deepen your understanding about Microsoft products, increase your revenue and grow your audience.


By joining DVLUP, you’ll get exclusive access to Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Earn points to redeem for Rewards. And if exclusive access and glory aren’t enough, we’ve got more badges than the lost & found at a police convention. Let's get playing.


Challenges are designed to give you ideas for Apps and Games, hone your skills and improve your existing projects with new features to make them even better. When you complete Challenges, you earn Points (Pts), which can be redeemed for Rewards, you earn experience points (XP) to climb up the Leaderboard, and Badges to show off!


Spend your hard-earned Points on something fun, or dial your success up even further with developer tools and resources. Over time, new Rewards are added to keep your spending interesting.


As you complete more Challenges and earn more Experience Points, you'll climb the Leaderboard. And with respect to our Xbox Live colleagues, a spot on the DVLUP Leaderboard takes more skill than a good Quick Scope. (Yes, we know they would beat us in Halo).

So rewards, real world rewards? How about 100 USD to buy anything in the Microsoft Online store? Ticketmaster? Steam? Starbucks? Best Buy? Dev tools, Kits, electronics, games and more. That real world enough?


How do you earn these rewards? You learn, build and earn!


Go... now. Learn and earn!



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