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Robot Kit, Raspberry PI 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core

The team at Xpirit have been publishing a magazine, one that if you're here I bet you'll like. Check it out at XPIRIT MAGAZINE #2

In this edition, Marco Mansi, wrote a great 7 page article, one that's perfect for our Hardware Friday project...

Building a Robot Kit with a Raspberry PI 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is growing faster and faster, and with the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it clear they do not want to be a spectator. Microsoft has already been present since the beginning with the Windows Embedded operating systems, and Windows 10 IoT Core is the next generation OS designed specifically for use in small footprint, low-cost devices and IoT scenarios.

In this article I intend to show how easy it is to use Windows IoT and the Universal Windows Platform.

About Windows 10 IoT Core and the Universal Windows Platform  ...

The Robot Kit Let’s get started  ...


Components needed  ...

The assembly 

For the wooden frame there is a GitHub repo with cutting plans that can be uploaded to an online laser cutting, 3D printing & metal machining services, e.g. Ponoko for the U.S.A or Formulor in Europe (Germany). I...

The Pin connections   ...

Set up a Windows 10 IoT Core Device (in our case the Raspberry PI 2)  

When you have a Raspberry PI 2, you can set up and configure it easily using the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard. The dashboard can be used to set up the RTM (public) version of Windows 10 IoT Core and requires a PC running Windows 10. I added a link to the dashboard application in the References section. Put your MicroSD card into your PC and ...

Connect your Windows 10 IoT Core device to your development PC:   ...

Boot Windows 10 IoT Core   ...

Installing the Robot Kit app   ...

Deploy Your App   ...

Run the application locally   ...

Visual Studio

From Visual Studio you are now able to debug what’s happening on the IoT device:


As you can see, the code is written in C#, which means everything is managed, and there is no need to write in a lower level language such as C or C++ to talk with the hardware.




This article has demonstrated how Windows 10 IoT Core can be used to work with low cost devices, and how the UWP ecosystem makes it a lot easier to write software that can run in different hardware environments without changing a single line of code.

We didn’t dig into the code, but it certainly is worth checking it out so you can learn how it works. There is a starter pack that you can buy, and which contains all the items required to learn the basics of programming with Windows IoT devices. The relevant link is included in the references section.

The Internet of Things is becoming more and more popular, with business companies creating new devices every day, for example wearables (smart bands, watches etc.…) and domotica components (smart thermostats, security systems etc.…). With Windows 10 IoT Core and the Universal Windows Platform there is now a unified ecosystem that allows you to easily create software that can interconnect with different devices, making it easier to focus on business functionality.



... [Read the entire PDF] [and the entire magazine]


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  • Hi Greg!

    thank you very much for publishing my article, I really appreciate it!

    Just one note, the company name is: Xpirit 


    Marco Mansi

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @olandese: Doh! Fixed. I knew it was wrong, but every time I checked it "looked" right... sigh, stupid brain.

    Thanks for the heads-up, but more, THANK YOU for the article! :)


    very nice post .........

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