Roomba, your home defender system

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    Ugh. This sounded really exciting until I read about how he used his laser cutter to fab up the hopper and deck.

    That's when my hope making my own version of this sorta died. I wish I had a laser cutter! Great site, you can see how awesomely useful it is to be able to cut your own parts.

    As far as the robot goes, it's very cool. I wonder how much more processing power you could cram onto it without killing the battery. Then you could add some image processing and automate target aquisition.

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    Mike Dennis

    I actually did something very similar for a grad class project.  We made a Roomba that would shoot Airsoft ammo at a laser that was within a certain distance from it, and it would roam around until it found one.  We had a FPGA and Microcontroller to control the Roomba and used a camera, ultrasonic sensor, and the built in sensors to sense the surroundings.  The Roomba did everything on its own, except we had a start and stop using the Roomba remote to have some control over it.

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    This is great! You could really have a real defence system if there was a laser beam thats alerts the robot to shoot full-auto when the beam stops (someone steps in it).

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