Rubik's Cubes? Lets upgrade to Cube21 sided solvers

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cube21-1[1] I couldn't solve the easy version of the Rubik's cube, maybe with a hammer I'll be able to solve the Cube21 sided version.  Pavel Šavara however solved the Cube21 programmatically with C++, CLI, WPF, SQL, WCF, and ASP + Ajax.  Pavel goes into some detail on his methods and math on his blog post.

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He also gives out the source code for his program.

Source code under LGPL on SourceForge subversion.
GUI client + database creation engine binaries, .NET 3.0 required. Analysis report
Database of shapes in XML

Update:  After talking with Pavel, he said the Rubik's cube is a far harder problem to solve.  Here is a wikipedia entry on it.



The Discussion

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    It seems like the video is no longer there. What's wrong ?

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    Just tested out the video and it works, could you try it again?

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    It still doesn't work, but it does when I use remote desktop that resides in the US, that's bizarre Perplexed . I know well that my country (Greece) doesn't block anything, and besides my connection stems directly from the GEANT network..

    Maybe there's a dead object in a cache somewhere..

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