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If you've ever used VSTS/TFS Code Search, you'll probably loved it, it felt like this was the way code searching should be. Then you did a code search in Visual Studio, and were reminded of the painful past...

Mike Parks has released a cool extension that helps keep that pain away...

New Visual Studio 2017 Extension - Code Search (VS Text Editor)

It's been quite some time since I've cracked open Visual Studio to create an extension freebie for all my fellow engineers. If you're keeping up with the latest and greatest in the Microsoft Engineering world you've probably already heard about Code Search which delivers a one-stop solution for all your code exploration needs by allowing you to search across multiple projects and repositories at an unmatchable, incredibly fast speed (shoutout to Elasticsearch which supports the back-end, amazing job guys).

I've been using this tool non-stop at work lately to explore the company code base while integrating new features. The value that it provides is extraordinary! The only downside I stumbled upon was the interruption of stopping my coding flow working inside Visual Studio, opening a new Chrome tab, navigating to the Code Search web page, then copying/pasting or typing in the keyword I wanted to search for which usually already existed in the code base I was working on from the Visual Studio Text Editor.

To work around this, I created the Code Search - Visual Studio Text Editor Extension. This extension allows you to use Microsoft's Code Search directly from the Text Editor in Visual Studio by highlighting text and clicking the Code Search context menu option.


[Click through to read it all, get the source and more]

The Discussion

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    Am I the only person that has had a terrible experience in VSTS code search? It often comes up with zero results because it has decided to include (put checkmarks next to) only the projects that didn't include that search term in them. I have to go and manually click the checkbox next to the projects that did have matching results to see any code from the results. If that weren't bad enough I've found if I don't include a "*" wildcard after the search word/phrase it often won't find what I was looking for. As a result, I find myself not trusting the web search and frequently pulling down the code in VS and navigating through stuff there. :(

    I know others have had a much better experience and use that as their go-to. Not sure if it's something I have done or not done.

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    FYI, Mike's posted an update to the extension, Code Search - Visual Studio Text Editor Extension - v1.1 Update

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