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healthmonitor Reza Naima over at UC Berkeley is in the process of creating a health monitor system that connects to a PocketPC device via Bluetooth to display its results.  The system currently monitors seven different items from the person it is monitoring.

  • ECG - heart rythms
  • EMG - mussle tension (indicative of stress)
  • GSR - skin resistance (also indicative of stress)
  • Pulse Oximeter - blood oxygen saturation and pulsatile blood flow
  • Body Temperature
  • Audio - Breathing sounds (can deduce asmatic attacks)
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer - Movement, fall-detection in the elderly

Reza has a video of it in action along with a poster (PPT) describing how it works in detail.

Via Hackaday



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    Wow--you really need to learn how to spell.  emg tests muscle tension and audio can deduce asthmatic attacks.

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