Shining a light on a Windows Phone .Net Gadgeteer Light Switch

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Since we didn't do a Mobile Monday post we'll do one that also includes a Hardware Friday project! Marco Minerva, has written up a cool project that combines a Windows Phone app with some .Net Gadgeteer hacking...

Controlling a Light Switch using Windows Phone

In this post, I’ll show how to control a Relay module using a Windows Phone app that is able to remotely turn on or off a light.

Let’s start creating a new Gadgeteer application. Connect the following modules to a FEZ Spider Mainboard:

The resulting system is shown in the following screenshot.



From the hardware;


To the .Net Micro Framework code...


To the Windows Phone 7 code and app...



It's all there. If you click through and scroll to the bottom there's a download link for both projects too.

Okay, okay, this might be overkill, but it's a pretty cool overkill, you've got to admit!

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