Silverlight - Everything you wanted to know

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Dave "DaveDev" Isbitski posted a video over on Channel9 outlining a lot of things you'll need to know about Silverlight.

His video includes:

  • What it is
  • Where to get the software and tools to code in it
  • What been updated in Silverlight 2.0 project styles compared to 1.1
  • How to use DeepZoom Composer to create your own content
  • How to code in panning and zooming
  • And finally create your own cool application using both Deep Zoom and other media elements



The Discussion

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    Thanks. I needed something like this to give me more info about the project.

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    Like DeepZone,

    but the statement "all kind of images" isn't accurate. Most of good CLR cameras take picture in .RAW mode, but doesn't look like DeepZone support.

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    @Henrik:  I understand your frustration.  But "all kind of images" isn't the same as "every image format"

    Remember, this is still beta too!

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