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I bet you can't believe it!? A Netduino post! Yep. And I'm sure there are going to be more in the future too... Smiley

There's just something that's so cool and fun about crossing the hardware/software boundary that I find it hard to resist. And since we now have an entire Gallery for Kinect, we'll just have to keep up with the Netduino, .Net Micro Framework and like hardware projects here.

Anyway... Today's project comes via Pete Brown's Windows Client Developer Roundup 071 for 6/6/2011.

Netduino Project Showcase - SkyNet Use Skype to remotely control the Netduino

This SkyNet project uses a windows form to intercepts messages from a remote Skype connection and passes them to the Netduino to control the position of a webcam.


After creating the Pan and Tilt project for the Netduino, I was using VNC to remotely to view my home (host) PC from my office (remote). I used a webcam viewer to see the webcam image and a web browser to send the commands on the host PC.

I thought it will would really nice to simplify this by viewing the image and controlling the webcam remotely using only one application. Skype seem like a good candidate for this.

SkyNet is run on the host PC and it automatically starts Skype if it is not running.

It intercepts any chat messages received by Skype on the Host PC that are meant for the Netduino.

It then sends these commands to the Netduino via a socket connection. You can use the buttons on the SkyNet form to send commands directly to the Netduino for testing purposes. There is also a checkbox available labeled 'Send To Netduino. You can uncheck this box if the Netduino is not connect and you wish to test SkyNet. There is also a box where you must enter the Netduino's IP address.

Code to send commands via socket to the Netduino Pan and Tilt application:



PanAndTilt Pan and Tilt Webcam

This project is used to control a webcam's orientation from any web browser. I developed this so that I could monitor my back yard remotely (via VNC while at work) to see what animal(s) are eating my plants.

The project hardware consists of two servos for controlling the pan and tilt of a webcam by the Netdunio+. The Netduino accepts commands via the network and moves the appropriate servo using the Servo_API from Chris Seto. It uses pins 9 and 10 for the servos. Make sure that you hook the Netduino via the power jack to a 9v brick since the USB connector can not supplied the required current for the servos.

The commands are sent from any browser by using the Netduino+ IP address (e.c: followed by /PanTilt.htm as the URL. In my setup I use:

PanTilt.htm is a small HTML file that resides on the Netduino+ SD card. It displays arrows for controlling the camera position. When you press on the left arrow, the browser send a 'L' to the netduino via Javascript. The Netduino+ PantAndTilt application (which is a modification of my MicroServer application) server the page of the SD card and translate the commands, in this case into a 'left' command for the servo that controls the x-axis. There are commands for up, down, left, right and center.




This project shows off a number of interesting things, Skype interop, the Pan and Tilt project and just a generally cool level of geeky' ness... Smiley


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