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I don't highlight SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) related extensions very often (at all?) but when I saw this one, and that there's a free Community Edition available, sharing it was a no-brainer.

In my day life, I spend a good amount of time in VS and SSMS. And being a little OCD, I like my SQL formatted "right." Keywords all Upper case, etc., which before this extension I did manually.

Also have you ever executed a simple one line SQL Statement that you caused hours/days of work to recover from? Say no including a WHERE clause on a DELETE? [Greg raises his hand] Again, this extension will come to your rescue.

And that's just a little taste. If you live in SSMS, you have to check out...

SqlSmash Now Has a Free Community Version

SqlSmash now has a free community edition. The community edition has a subset of the features that you get in the standard edition. These currently include:

Go To Object

When you are working with different servers and databases, it’s fairly tedious to locate an object in Object Explorer (expand, expand, expand, pick folder, scan objects). Now you can easily navigate to any table, stored procedure, function or trigger in only a few keystrokes.


Increase/Decrease Text Selection

Increase the selected text quickly to the logical parent of the current selection. Decrease Selection undoes the effect of the previous operation.


Search Database Objects

Search all your database objects for any text. View definition for matching objects, select them in Object Explorer and Copy results in an Excel friendly format.


Format Sql

Format and indent your SQL script according to your preferences. You can choose the casing preferences for built in types, functions, Keywords, variables and identifiers. You can also choose whether to insert new lines before or after commas and logical operators (like Or, And).


Execute Current Query

In SSMS, if you have multiple queries in your editor and you want to run just one of them, you have to manually select your query and then press the Execute button. Now you don’t need to do that anymore. With a single click, now you can execute the query around your cursor.


Insert Statement Generation

The Generate Data Script functionality lets you generate Insert Statements for any data in your results grid. This can be very handy when you need to move data quickly between different tables across databases or servers. Right click inside the results grid and select the “Generate Data Script” option.


Data Protection

The Data Protection feature gives you a warning if you are running a Delete or Update statement without a Where clause. This gives you another layer of protection against accidentally altering or deleting your data. You can disable this check in Settings if it is not helpful to you.


... [Click through to the post to see these features in action]

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