Smile! LED photo booth @ Maker Faire 2008

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n4713141_33421112_5179_2_2[1]Andy Konkol for Maker Faire 2008 created a LED photo booth using c# and some BetaBrite Prism signs

Using the BetaBrite API written by Jeff Atwood (and ported by me), DirectShow lib and some additional code, Andy created a full blown a scaleable photo booth.

Andy had to make some compromises since the signs were too slow.  His original idea was to have a LED mirror.

How it works:

A picture (bitmap) is taken by the attached webcam using DirectShowLib, that bitmap is "spliced" meaning divided into 7 pixel by 80 pixel pieces (the LED layout on the sign).  Each of those pictures is analyzed by the BetaBrite API and the pixels are checked one by one and associate a color value to that pixel to be sent to the sign.  Once pixel color information is determined, that information is sent to the correct BetaBrite sign over a RS232 connection.

...hey! that's simple!... that's the point!

Download the source here.  All the hardware parts can be purchased off the shelf too, zero soldering!



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