So Long and Thanks for All the Community!


Thank you x 1,000...!

Today is the last for the Coding4Fun Blog. We've had an awesome run, but times change.

This blog was all that it was because of YOU! Those whos projects and posts that were highlighted, those who left comments and our readers. It's all of you that made this blog so awesome, you were the power behind it all.

Again, and finally, thank you!

The Discussion

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    This is very sad news. Can we ask why it's ending? Is there anyway to keep it from ending?

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    @wkempf: It was just time. Channel 9 is being re-invented and re-focused and there just wasn't really a place for traditional blogs like Coding4Fun. We'll see what happens as 2018 progresses. You never know, C4F may come back somehow, somewhere... :)

    But yeah, I'm going to miss it. I have so many fond memories of all the great Coding4Fun articles, projects and blog posts...

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    Things definitely do change, but it's always bound to happen at some point.

    Best of luck to you all. Thank you!

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    El Bruno

    I won't find the words to THANK YOU enough for all the contents you've shared during the past years! 

    Again, thanks a lot and good luck in all your new adventures! ^_^


    El Bruno

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    @Tommy: Thanks!

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    @El Bruno: Thanks and keep up YOUR awesome work! :)

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    Noooooooooooooooo!!! 😢

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    Sad news indeed.  This blog kept me inspired and dreaming.  I will miss it.

    Thanks so much to everyone that contributed in producing it.

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    Tilmann Krueger

    Sad to hear that. I hope that you will find another mission that gives you as much satisfaction as C4F. Good luck!

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    another D move from m$, go figure

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    Can anyone clarify why this is shutting down?

    And what are the changes to Channel 9?

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    Thanks so much to all that have contributed to this blog and community, it has definitely made an impact in my excitement for software. To whom it may concern, please make every effort to preserve this fantastic archive of content.

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