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Seth Sanders created a low cost multi-touch system called MT mini.  It uses TouchLib which is a C++ library (Anyone want to see if they can't get it working with .Net?)  I'm not sure but I think a few of the demos were from the TouchLib system, the keyboard is Seth's.

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To get it up and running, you can check out his forum post.

Update:  Daniel D commented there is a .Net project over at CodePlex that uses TouchLib called Multi-Touch Vista.  They have videos too!



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    Daniel D

    Check out MultiTouchVista (

    This is a Multitouch library for WPF that uses TouchLib.

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    I'm glad you liked the video Wink

    The MultiTouchVista is from one of the members on NUIGroup.

    We're building frameworks for .NET (WPF), AS3 (flash/flex), C++, Obj-C etc. over at We're always looking for more people if you'd like, or know of someone that would like to help =)

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    today my name is ...

    i dont no if it works but it looks very believable

    people who find stuff like this are very smart helpful and helping people

    my friend made one of this as his school project because he got to chose what he wanted to make

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