Solution Explorer gets Markdown


A few weeks ago I highlighted an article on turning VSCode into an awesome Markdown editor, Marvelous Markdown with VSCode.

Today's project is as comprehensive, but Lucian Wischik's extension is a type that I've not seen done very often. Seems like he loves doing those kind, doesn't he, such as Lessons Learned Creating A Visual Studio Text Adornment

Markdown Provider for Solution Explorer

Adds support for browsing the headings of a .md file in Solution Explorer

This extension makes it so Markdown files show all their headings and subheadings right inside Solution Explorer.


Note: this is still a preliminary proof-of-concept thing. It doesn't dynamically change the list when you add or remove headings. To achieve that you have to press the Refresh button.

... [Download it]

Make sure you check out the repo too,

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