Sparking your game development muse with Project Spark


Project Spark has finally shipped and is now ready for every aspiring game developer. All you need is an XBox One or Windows 8.1 and you, or your game-dev-to-be, can start building games. No development experience needed, no major investment, just you, yr imagination and your spark...

Today we introduce Project Spark and more importantly share a free Microsoft Virtual Academy course from Stephen Howell on how to get started creating games with it...

Project Spark launches for Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

Back in February, I had published a blog post that takes a look at Project Spark as it first entered beta for Windows 8.1. Project Spark is an amazing and fun experience that aims to democratize game making by giving everyone easy-to-use tools to create, play and share their own creations with others. Anyone can build their own game and let the community play their game! It’s really fun. Project Spark is officially launching today and available for download right now from the Windows Store for devices running Windows 8.1 and for the Xbox One.


For an in-depth look at Project Spark, I highly recommend checking out this story.

The Keys to the Kingdom

A pick-your-path quest inspired by ‘Project Spark’

by Jennifer Warnick


What will You Create? Project Spark Launches Online and at Retail

After a six-month beta, Project Spark (ESRB- E10+) has now launched with a host of new content and a retail disc offering.  More than 1 milion Project Spark creators have already logged 4 million hours making 70,000 game levels that fans can dive into on day one. New content comes online every day so there’s is always fresh content to check out regardless of your genre preference or skill level.

Project Spark is an experience like no other that aims to democratize game making by giving everyone easy-to-use tools to create, play and share their own creations with others. You can instantly play tens of thousands of user-made games, remix a pre-made game, or hop right in and make your own game with tools including 3D sculpting and a visual programming language similar to what the pros use, made accessible to all.

Project Spark is free-to-play and is available for download now via the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 stores. Add-on content can be unlocked by using in-game credits earned during play, or by purchasing tokens to buy add-ons immediately. Fans will see a host of new content available on launch day including sci-fi skin, adventure mode, champion features, creation enhancements, and multiplayer mode to inspire all new gameplay.


Creating Games with Project Spark [Stephen Howell]

Have you heard about Project Spark? It's the ultimate interactive digital playground for gamers of all ages, a powerful (yet simple) way to build and play your own worlds, stories, and games. Share all of your creations to a dynamic community, and play what the community makes. Project Spark brings creation to life and presents endless opportunities for play.

In this course, expert Stephen Howell explores registering a Microsoft account and installing Project Spark from the Windows Store, playing your first adventure with Crossroads, learning to control character behavior with Kode, and publishing your worlds.


  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (01) The Project Spark Website
  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (02) Your First Adventure (Crossroads)
  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (03) Using the Tutorials
  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (04) Digging Deeper on Worlds and Characters
  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (05) Publishing your Game
  • Creating Games with Project Spark: (06) The Marketplace

You're still here? Come on! Get your Game On! :)

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