[Special Edition] Achievement Unlocked! - Visual Studio Achievement Beta Released


A quick special edition post, the Channel 9 team has been working on brining a little fun to our everyday development and today it's being released to beta. I mean who doesn't like Achievements?!

Yep Achievements! In Visual Studio!

You can now download a Extension that adds Achievements to your Visual Studio. As you code, you earn. And of course there's a leader-board, widgets and even a community created WP7 app!

Interested? First check out this post, https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/C9team/Announcing-Visual-Studio-Achievements

Then, if you haven't already, Download it today from the Visual Studio Gallery

I mentioned a community WP7 app (oh and he's made the source available too)? Check out these posts from a Friend of Channel 9, Den Delimarsky

And finally let us know what you think! Please use the Q&A section of the achievements extension to make suggestions for future achievements. And if you have suggestions, concerns, issues or problems, again, use the Q&A section of the achievements gallery page. Give a read to the FAQ as well as your question may already be answered.

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