Squish That Whitespace


Today's Visual Studio extension from Omar Rwemi is simple, yet shows off the kinds of things you can do in the code editor window.

I don't know a dev that doesn't like to use whitespace to help make their code readable (okay, there are those dev's that never used whitespace, but you're kind of... well... err... you know, so we're going to pretend you don't exist ;)

Yet, that whitespace does take up that extra screen space.

What if you could get the best of both worlds? Maybe squish that whitespace just a little?

That's exactly what Omar has done...

Line Press

"Line Press is a Visual Studio extension that allows you to control the height of empty lines and lines that contains nothing but curly braces. You can reduce their height as you see fit and gain more vertical space for your code to display.


..." [Click through to download it]

The source is available too, https://github.com/omsharp/LinePress

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