System.IO getting you down with the MAX_PATH Blues? AlphaFS 2.0!

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    Andreas Kroll

    Hi Greg!

    Awesome stuff. I recently had the problem of not being able to access an absolute path due to the length restriction of the .NET frameworks classes.
    At first I could not believe it, since Windows is able to provide longer paths for ages and I could not think of any reason why this should be hidden in .NET.

    Then I found out that you still can use the classes of .NET if you prevent using absolute paths. You can navigate using the relative navigation.

    But the solution of AlphaFS is the much better way to go.
    I will gladly use it in my apps.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,

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    Why don't you try Long Path Tool

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    @Paulina: This is a library/DLL that let's programmers build app's that support Long Paths... 

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    corey Lawne

    Open source library! sounds cool to me. Earlier I didn't knew about this stuff so I used GS Richcopy 360 which helped me solve this problem. Its a robust software and very effective in solving errors related to file transfer. I would try your solution too, sometime maybe!

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