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Today's post is a neat little project from the Developing for Windows blog that shows off some Windows 7 features with development techniques, like MVVM, Tasks.Show A Windows 7 Developers Resource

"Are you still using yellow sticky notes to remember tasks on your to-do list? Did you ever need an easy, light and quick way to manage your to-do list? Well we have a solution for you. Tasks.Show is a simple Windows application that lets you manage your to-do list in an easy and intuitive manner. Simply create a new task, assign it to a project, give it a deadline, and you are set.

Tasks.Show is a developer resource application, where you get the full source code of a complete and fully functional application that is using Windows 7 unique features like Windows Touch and the Windows Taskbar.




Integrated with Windows to easily manage your tasks

Use Ctrl + Alt + T from anywhere in Windows, even if you are a different application, to activate Tasks.Show and start entering a new task. Use special keywords while typing to place a given task in the right order and assign it a deadline. Use Windows Touch to easily interact with different tasks, sliding between tasks, assigning tasks to a project with a flick of your fingers. The application also interacts with Windows 7 Taskbar, allowing you to easily switch to your more important tasks or create new tasks directly from the Windows 7 Tasks.Show Taskbar icon.



Here's a snap of the VS solution. (Note, make sure you install install Tasks.Show before firing up the source in Visual Studio)


But don't let that put you off. It's a very approachable project and is easy to understand and broken into logical chunks.

A Sticky Note/To Do applications are a dime a dozen, but the fact we get this one's source means we get to play around with it.

For example, the hard coded default save path is to the ApplicationData Folder. That makes it hard to sync your todo's with a utility like Live Mesh.

But since we have the source a minor tweaks lets us save the data file to any place we want.





Thought this was supposed to show us some Windows 7 stuff? Like taskbar integration?



And here's a snip of the source;


As I've said, the source is very approachable, clear and a great starting point for you to start playing... Smiley

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