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wlw-cats[1] I'm a massive fan of Microsoft Live Writer when it comes to writing blogs.  Why you might ask?  Because it works with tons of blog engines.  The MSDN blogs are done with Community Server while others have personal blogs that range from SubText, WordPress, DasBlog, BlogEngine.NET and countless others.  So when I do blogging on my own blog and here, it pays to have a tool that takes care of uploading, images, formatting, spell checking, ....

Tim Heuer is a fan of SubText and Live Writer, so much so he altered SubText to get them to play better.  Tim did awesome updates to make SubText actually make it act more like WordPress when it comes to Live Writer.

Tim added in slugging and the ability to add in new categories while posting.  FYI:  A Slug is when the URI is different than the Title.  Most blog engines will make the title some part of the URI.  Tim didn't want this.



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