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    Nice to hear you like Greenshot!

    Actually you should check out from "" here are the latest sources! After we started working on 0.9 by completely refactoring the project, but decided than that it would take too long to fix some major bugs... So 0.8.1 was created... Should be finished soon, than we will make sure the 'HEAD' code is up to date. Also with using the right location you shouldn't have to change anything, compile should just work.

    Try the latest unstable!

    Best wishes,

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    Ps. You are still using the old logo...
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    Amit Thakur

    Thank you for nice article. That is the best free and easy to use screenshot tools. I have also written a post on Grrenshot if you'd like to give your opinion here

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    The images included in this blog use https as a protocol. As of 1/18/2018, when Firefox tries to load the images, Firefox complains that the site's certificate is invalid and doesn't let me add an exception. Bottom line, I cannot see the images.

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