The All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser goes Metro

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One of my favorite code sample sources has gone Metro (with obvious homage to the Zune software). This a a framework, code sample source, etc that I've highlighted before, but this new browser is such a jump from the previous version that I felt it a good time to remind everyone about this simply awesome repository of cool code samples.

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser v4 Released – A New Way to Enjoy 700 Microsoft Code Samples


Today, we reached a new milestone of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework. It gives me great pleasure to announce our newest Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser - v4 available to the globe. With this release, we embrace the hope of giving global developers a completely new and amazing experience to enjoy over 700 Microsoft code samples.

Compared with the previous version, this new version of Sample Browser is completely redesigned from tip to toe. We heard lots of users’ voices about how we can do better. So in Sample Browser v4, its user interface, sample search and download experience have numerous changes. I hope that you will love our effort here.

If you have already installed our last version of Sample Browser, you simply need to restart the application. You will get the auto-update.


Okay, 700+ code samples is cool. Very cool. But what if what you're looking for isn't covered?

Well they've got you covered... Smiley


Now I can hear you all already, "Wow, cool... Where's the source for this new sample browser?" (I know your thinking that because that was one of the first things I looked for too... lol)

The source for the new sample browser is not available. Yet. I can say that it is in the process of getting released, that its working its way through the channels, etc. etc.

While we wait for that, what else is coming?

What if I were to say that the sample set size was going to jump from 700 to thousands? Or that it was going become a repository to hold your personal/private samples? That's just the start of what's planned...

What’re Coming Soon?

We never stop improving the Sample Browser! Here are the features that are coming soon this year.

  1. Visual Studio Integration
    We will upgrade the old version of Sample Browser Visual Studio extension to the new, so you can enjoy the same experience from within Visual Studio!
  2. Expanding to all MSDN Samples Gallery samples
    Today, the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser searches for only Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework code samples. We will start to expand the scope to all samples in MSDN Samples Gallery.
  3. Add the "social" feature in the details panel to allow you to see the discussion of a sample in the social network
  4. Add the "FAVORITES" feature to allow you to tag certain samples as your favorites.
  5. Add the "MINE" to allow you to add your PRIVATE samples to Sample Browser.
  6. Add the offline search function – index the downloaded samples and allow you to search samples offline.
  7. Integrate the MSDN Samples Gallery Sample Request Forum with the Sample Browser

In the end, if you're looking for a code sample for just about anything Microsoft, this should be one of the first places you check...


Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:

The Discussion

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    Cool! I love it.

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    Points for the idea and technical delivery, all points deducted for the metro design.

    This is terrible design and further proof despite the simplicity of the design principles it still can be done wrong?

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    Hope this is not Metro!

    MS, you have money, hire bunch of designers, let them do their work. Let them guide programmers on building Metro apps, because it's historically proven (VB6, WPF) that programmers CAN'T make nice UI and UX!

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