The April Fool's Day Special is a Hit! See the Videos!

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Coding4Fun is a pretty popular site on MSDN.  But even we were surprised at how quickly people responded to it.  One clever prankster wrote in that he had taken the randomly opening CD tray idea and wrote a Windows service to fake out one of his co-workers.  Another programmer wrote in about creating a "blue screen of death" screensaver to fool a friend.  All in all, we seemed to have hit a "sweet spot" in the hearts of a lot of Coding4Fun readers!  Smiley

Now we have added four video interviews with Microsoft employees who are well known for their love of pulling pranks on their co-workers.  And they own up to how they have been on the receiving end themselves.  Check out the stories behind :

  • The pink princess flames painted onto Dee Dee Walsh's car,
  • How John Montgomery ended up working in a human-sized habitrail,
  • Why Steve Ballmer doesn't like bouncy balls,
  • The fate of the Blibbet,
  • Why all new employees are sent to Building 7,
  • Grand Theft Go-Cart
  • And much, much more. 

Altogether, over an hour of some of the best pranks at Microsoft past - and maybe a few hints of the future!



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